Decorative Wood and Mulch

Playground Bark

Clean virgin cedar chips, which is medium in color. A slight color variation, which is normal for naturally occurring products, adds character to your landscape. Contains blunt or soft chopped ends which are splinter free. For use in playgrounds, parks and even pathways which need to be accessible to wheelchairs.

Back Chips

Gorilla Hair

Medium Bark

Small Bark


Brown Chips

We offer several colors of Colored Chips which are produced from clean recycled lumber. Product size is ¾” x ¼ , it’s easy to apply and not dusty like other brands. The chips are colored with a UV protected colorant for long lasting beauty in your landscape. Good for weed suppression and moisture retention

Red Chips

Mini Bark

A very small fir bark used in landscape areas or may be used in your own potting mixes. Good water retention properties when used as a mulch. For use as a decorative bark in your low impact areas of your yard. Lightweight, easy application. Not to be used on hillsides or extremely windy areas.

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