Florite Blend Bioswale

A homogeneous blend of sands and Organic Compost which is effective at filtering pollutants and sediments during storm water runoff. Bioretention Areas are typically vegetated or xeriscaped which works in tandem with the blend to further capture and settle pollutants via absorption through leaves and stems. These pollutants are not limited to but include silt, inorganic contaminants, organic chemicals and pathogens. Our Biotreatment Soil Media will support the rigorous growth of various planting communities. This unique blend complies with BASMAA Regional Biotreatment Soil Specifications (2016),  the Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit as well as adhering to the regional C.3 Biotreatment Soil Mix Verification Checklist. Our BSM can be customized to meet specific filtration requirements.

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