Soil and Sand

Planter Mix

Planters mix is an excellent mulch which is composed of organic compost and sandy loam. Best uses include planter areas and large pots. Also good for garden areas, new lawns, and may also be used as a light soil amendment.

Organic Compost

Compost is an organic mulch to be considered if your main objective is soil improvement. Our organic compost is composted green waste and is OMRI listed. It contains a high organic content and nutrient reserves that gradually break down over a long period of time. Increased water holding capacity means less watering and healthier landscape/garden. Amend 2”-4” of compost into top 6-12 inches of soil. This will create a soil structure which stores and cycles nutrients; protects plants from pests, while improving water infiltration and storage. Build It Green and LEEDS points available when amending soil with our compost.

Top Soil

Our Top Soil is a cleaned screened dirt. All large rocks and debris is removed during our screening process to produce a clean usable soil.

Fill Sand

Fill Sand is a delta sand which is PG & E approved for backfill.

Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand is a course washed and screened sand which is used as a top course for setting paversflagstone, brick and natural stone such as travertine pavers. Concrete sand is used as a top course due to its superior compaction capabilites.

Gold Fines

Gold Fines are a "golden" colored decomposed granite that is 1/4" minus size material. Primarily used for walkways and driveways. It can also be used between flagstone, pavers and brick. 


Plaster Sand #2

Plaster Sand is typically used for making stucco or mortar. Plaster Sand is a fine screened and washed sand which allows for use in childrens sand boxes, horshoe pits and volleyball courts.